WASTED YEARS – Sad, sexy, and artist-run



Sad, sexy, and artist-run
Edited by Sorbus

Sorbus was a small room where art was shown. It was run by six artists who wanted to fight against their own paralysis, create conditions for the kind of doing they felt was lacking in their environment, generate concrete experiences of alternative approaches for themselves and other artists, and thus put activism into practice in the art field.

But when you’re trying to fuck the system, you just might end up making love to it.


Includes commissioned texts by
Pauliina Haasjoki
Lukas Malte Hoffman & Susan Kooi
Juho Hänninen
Vappu Jalonen
Veera Jussila
Steph Kretowicz
Kim (Kaino) Modig
Eva Neklyaeva
Jyrki Nissinen
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Mikko Piispa
Cory John Scozzari
Sini Silveri
Megan Snowe
Mervi Vuorela

Plus extracts from artist interviews, and pictures from Sorbus’ archives

Eulogy for Sorbus gallery by Kaino Wennerstrand (formerly Kim Modig): www.sorbus.fi/eulogy-for-sorbus-gallery/

Sad, sexy, and artist-run
Edited by Sorbus

Pages: 192
Measures: 220 x 305 mm
Soft cover
Language: English
Graphic design: Tsto
Published by Khaos Publishing 2020

ISBN 978-952-68478-5-6