Syzygy by Inka Bell

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Inka Bell’s Syzygy finds its point of departure in the astronomic phenomenon, where three or more celestial bodies align in space. Bell’s minimalist abstract shapes slowly drift through the space of the book’s pages, floating towards the possibility of alignment. The book includes a short essay on the phenomenon and its significance on our understanding of the universe by the astronomer Pertti Rautiainen.

Title: Syzygy
Artist: Inka Bell
Editor: Tuukka Kaila
Design: the artist
Language: English
Author: Pertti Rautiainen
Translation: Kasper Salonen
Proofreading: Gareth Hayes
Printing: Tallinn Book Printers
Publisher: Rooftop Press, Helsinki 2018

160 pages
140 x 200 mm
Two-colour offset on Munken Polar 240g / 120g
Soft cover with double gatefolds
Sewn open spine
Edition of 400
ISBN 978-952-7258-10-1

Out of stock