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The delicate independent photography & art magazine.

Language: English
Pages: 96
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Published in May 2015

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Issue 6, Desire

The delicate independent photography & art magazine.

Sova #6 “Desire” takes a glimpse at the apparently essential query of the hedonistic generation – our bawdy cravings, our passionate endeavour and the destructiveness of our devouring needs. Various visual and textual reflections by 16 different photographers, writers and other artists including Anastasia Muna, Anna Crews, Archie Fitzgerald, Eylül Aslan, Florian Reimann, Helen Korpak, J Mauricio Orozco, Jasmin Kokkola, Lena Gallovicova, Marina Richter, Massimiliano Perasso, Nicolas Polli, Nicole Weniger, Ren Hang, Rebecca Brodskis and Slavoj Žižek create an encounter of disparate aspects of desire and investigate the nature of our ambiguous aspirations.

Sova Magazine is an independent mono-thematic photography and art magazine with the aim of featuring evolving artists from all around the globe.
Sova was founded 2010 in Malmö, Sweden by Martin Petersen and began to attract a broader audience over the last three years. Today it’s an aspiring team of various editors, designers, writers, photographers and other creatives, that put the magazine together.
For every issue we send out an open call for submissions and receive entries from over 200 artists sending in their work.

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