Soft zine by Iina Esko



Photos & text by Iina Esko
Translation by Otso Harju
Layout by Anna Niskanen
Binding by Anna Niskanen, Lotta Blomberg & Liina Aalto-Setälä
Riso printing Vallilan Risopaja / Tuukka Kaila
44 pages
Edition of 60
Self published 2018

In a dream I saw the old square of Siena. It was limbo. The square, like the whole town, was somewhere high up. There was no horizon. The square was tilted and covered in ice. There were people skating on it and a cembalo was playing a Christmas tune. Otherwise, it was quiet. I wondered how people could skate on the tilted plane, the angle must have been 40 degrees. That’s quite a tilt for limbo-skating.

A few years later, I am standing on the old square in Siena. You can’t see the horizon. There is no ice but the square is indeed a bit tilted, perhaps five or ten degrees. This is the square after the limbo, and also outside it. I feel somehow calm and good.

It’s better now. Don’t you think so?

It helps if you’re softer.

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