One-Dog Policy by Maija Astikainen



Dogs have become our family members and furry babies. They are like us, but still Others.

During a six year period, photographer Maija Astikainen took portraits of domestic dogs living in Great Britain, Spain and Finland.

One-Dog Policy is an investigation of the relationship between master and pet, including essays by Liisa Mayow and Helen Korpak.
Size 171 mm x 219 mm
Pages 100
Soft Cover with French Flaps
Offset Printing
ISBN 978-952-68478-3-2
Published by Khaos Publishing 2016

10 % of the proceeds goes to the HESY Dog Shelter.

The book is supported by Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

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One-Dog Policy

Dogs have become our family members and furry babies. They represent simultaneously fragments of wild nature inside our homes and similar creatures, kind of special humans.

The series One-Dog Policy contemplates the roles that we assign to dogs. The photos play with anthropomorphism, the habit of adding human characteristics to animals. The illusion of likeness leads to misinterpretation. Dogs look guilty or depressed, laughing or blaming. They become imaginary persons.