Other Words by Schick Toikka

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“Other Words” by type foundry Schick Toikka is honoring and challenging the ways in which their typefaces can be employed. It features works by and collaborations with designers and artists who engage with letterforms in visually and contextually interesting ways. The book was created as a part of the exhibition “Other Words” in the Design Museum Helsinki.

With Veera Ala-Vähälä, Hanna Anonen, Sabo Day, Deutsche & Japaner, Juho Huttunen, Antti Kekki, Kalle Korhonen, Saku Kämäräinen, Tuomas A. Laitinen, Ari-Pekka Leinonen, Ville Luoma-aho, Maziyar Pahlevan, Jouko Saastamoinen, Tsto, Nora Turato & Pavla Zábranská

Graphic Design: Maziyar Pahlevan
Typeface: Scto Grotesk C
Printed in Jelgavas Tipogrāfija

200 x 270 mm
320 pages
Soft cover
Publication features top edge, fore edge & foot edge printing
Printed on 120 gsm Munken Polar Rough
First Edition of 500 copies

Out of stock