Noodles by Jenni Rope

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Noodles is a collection of prints that reproduce Rope’s original ink paintings. The ongoing series started in 2015 when the artist took part in the Little Paper Planes -residency program in San Francisco and continues to date. The first paintings were made on sheets of colored paper stuck together with masking tape to create multi-shaded backgrounds for the ink shapes. The paintings are reproduced in the publication exploring different colour schemes and at the same time respecting the technique of the originals.

Title: Noodles
Artist: Jenni Rope
Design: Tuukka Kaila and Jenni Rope
Printing: Vallilan Risopaja
Publisher: Rooftop Press
9 folded A3 prints
7 colour Risograph on Munken Print White 115g / 80g
Unbound with dustjacket
21,5 x 29,7 cm
Edition of 150
ISBN 978-952-7258-04-0

Out of stock