Mould Map 5


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A6 sized folio-wrapped*** packade including:
16 × 2 Sided A6 Prints
1 × A3 Poster (Folded)
1 × 16pp A6 Comic

Edition of 500
Published 2016 by Landfill Editions

***Wrapped in folio. If you want a copy with laser cut carton covers & “stealth emitter” patch order a set straight from Landfill Editions Be quick, they don’t have many left!

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Concealment. Stealth. Unknown unknowns, black swans and sleeper cells. Conspiracy, tactical confusion and counter-intel (UFO narrative smokescreens). Greenwashing, industrial espionage and deceit (VW emissions hacking). Self-surveillance (voluntary driver monitoring for lower insurance premiums / health tracking for life insurance). Mission creep and stealth tax. Behind the scenes, hidden agendas. False flags, dark ops and black magik. Invisibility tech and the occult (hidden from sight), obscured, ambiguous. Invisible infrastructure and the technological sublime. Secret TTIP talks and shadow courts. Far-right extremist scapegoating narratives, deny complexity. Black as the baseline screen state, visions emerging from the darkness in low resolution. Mysterious crashes & disappearances. ‘The Truth’. Server centre as black box, to be embedded in the geological crust of the early Anthropocene, BIG data left to a distant future.

Antwan Horfee

Ben Mendelewicz

Blue Firth

Brenna Murphy

Caley Feeney

Daniel Swan

Jonny Negron

Julien Ceccaldi

Lala Albert


Noel Freibert

Parker Ito

Travess Smalley

Viktor Hachmang

Yannick Val Gesto

Edward Shenk

GW Duncanson

Hugh Frost

Leon Sadler