Metafin is an experimental exhibition, archive and publication project.

METAFIN project aims to approach the construct of “Finnishness” from a blurred angle as a cultural territory of the visual and forms of dispersed information. It investigates the thematic through experimental graphic design, exhibition practices, digital and analog archives, reproduction and critical writing.

Artists: Jesse Auersalo (w/ Man Yau, Nina Merikallio) / Heta Bilaletdin / Chow Yik / Krista Durchman / Henrik Drufva / Rebekka Gröhn / Manna Jäntti / Heidi Kilpeläinen / Daniel Palillo / Georgia Panagiotidou / Anne Pasanen / Anni Puolakka / Susanna Raunio / Mika Savela / Jenna Sutela / Chris Vidal Tenomaa / Tommi Vasko

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To the public METAFIN seeks to function as a visually inclined starting point for conversations in the expanding and marginal definitions of Finnishness. For actors in art, design, culture, research and criticism the project works to develop a theoretical platform for observing, representing and working with the Finnish national identity, as well as an opportunity to participate in the discourse it generates.

Team: Mika Savela, Henrik Drufva, Rebekka Gröhn
Editing & research: Mika Savela
Graphic design: Rebekka Gröhn
Language: Finnish and English
Pages: 208
Size: 170 x 235 x 15 mm
Weight: 395 g
Edition of 200 copies
Published 2012 by SELIM
ISBN 978-952-68416-0-1

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