LAHTI by Antti Sepponen

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Lahti is a hard-up Finnish business town located on the southern bank of Lake Vesijärvi, about 60 miles from Helsinki. It used to be known as the “Chicago of Finland” – not because it has a really busy airport or an amazing skyline, but because of all the crime and domestic violence. However, Lahti has a friendlier face. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the end of a long night out always comes with a “Lihamuki” – literally a “meat mug” – from a street grill and, if you’re lucky enough, a black eye as a parting gift.

Everyone’s equal in Lahti.


118 pages
51 color images, softcover
photographs: Antti Sepponen
design: Johannes Rastapunka
fonts: Schick Toikka
printed in Lahti, Finland
edition of 500

Out of stock