Kontur #7



Kontur 1/2020 examines what the world we live in is predicated on in the present moment. The aim is to flesh out the contemporary functioning the capitalist system and its constitutive intertwinement with borders, colonialism, migration and oppressive structures of race and gender. Most importantly, it is an attempt of finding lines of flight from the capitalist entrapment.

Kontur is a laboratory for examining the potential in writing and living together. We explore established notions from new angles. We keep reimagining the editorial process and the printed object. Kontur is in a state of flux.

This issue is a collaboration between: Olivia Maury, Daria Krivonos, Ioana Tistea, Nicholas de Genova, Song Yi, Aleksandra Aksenova, Mattias Lehtinen, Juho Narsakka and Samuli Saarinen.