TENEBRAE by J. Hartelin

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Tenebrae, J.Hartelin 2017

Photographs: J.Hartelin
Graphic Design: Joni Luhtala & J.Hartelin
Printing: Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda OÜ
ISBN: 978-952-93-8477-8

“Tenebrae means darkness, shadow and concealment – a gloominess of surroundings and of the soul, and the stark contrasts in the images form a kind of visual answer to the name. Thematically, the photos convey a critique of politically and ideologically structured urban space and a desire to reveal the inherent possibilities of freedom within it; the city unfolds as an experiential and experimental space, (and although under increasing surveillance) an open playground, a constantly renegotiated context of encounters between individual bodies inscribed with a myriad of meanings both historical and cultural. Hartelin’s images also imbue the city with a temporal dimension; it transmits as luminous, intimate moments of enthusiastic interaction, an interconnectedness permeated with a sense of mystic ecstasy and the blossoms of an organic community, but also as the blurry accelerations of a synthesis between a mobile body and mechanical means of transport in the pulsating arteries of traffic.”

Text by Jarno Rantanen

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