ikkööhäik – I’m ok by Maarit Mustonen & Anne Naukkarinen

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ikkööhäik – I’m ok by Maarit Mustonen and Anne Naukkarinen is a site-specific project with its starting point in the local language that Mustonen and Naukkarinen do not speak, and the publication is a parallel to their performance which took place at Forlaget Gestus this autumn. The book brings together verbal material, artists’ translations and gestures developed for the work. 

The verbal material of the work is written by Mustonen in Copenhagen. She has listened people speaking in public spaces and written down what she hears and how she hears it: hils stiine – de baiju omsii – oukei – de ee megafiiert – ikkööhäik ikkööhäik. Naukkarinen, who has background in dance and performance arts, approaches these words as scores: she interprets the words by voice and movements, creates gestures for each utterance. Naukkarinen and Mustonen work with the embodiment of language, its emotions and logics, and the possible spaces created by words. They examine how meaning emerge and sway. Who is the body which moves and talks? What kind of world language creates? 

Maarit Mustonen and Anne Naukkarinen are Finnish artists based in Helsinki and have collaborated since 2014. Naukkarinen has a background in dance and performance art, Mustonen in working with language and lens-based images. When collaborating, they combine their working methods and knowledge through installations, performances, sound pieces and publications.

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