Home alone #2 by Home alone collective



Home alone collective is a Helsinki based visual artist duo founded by Adele Hyry and Emma Sarpaniemi. In 2016, they published their first photography zine, Home alone, humorously dealing with dating, loneliness, and long-distance friendship between two countries. Home alone #2 zine was published in 2020.

Last fall Adele was living in New York and at the end of her stay Emma traveled there to get her back home. Based on this story, Home alone #2 zine shares the hilarious moments of strolling around the city, taking daily nude portraits, and getting closer to one another.

Home alone #2
by Home alone collective
52 pages
175 x 120 mm
Glossy paper cover
Edition of 100
Self-published by Home alone collective 2020
The publication is printed and bound environmentally friendly at Helsinki Bofori Oy

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