HISTORY OF UKKELI by Teemu Keisteri



History of Ukkeli, edition of 500 published in April 2016. Each copy includes an unique drawing and a double sided poster.

History of Ukkeli is a book about a character created by artist Teemu Keisteri.

“I created Ukkeli character in summer 2008. First Ukkeli I made just for fun, but then people liked it more and more and more. I have done lots of things with Ukkeli: drawings, paintings, t-shirts, murals and short animations. The History of Ukkeli book consists of scanned Ukkeli sketches from the years 2008–2016.”

Teemu Keisteri’s mottos are “no rules” and “why not”. Teemu studied photography but ended up being an entertainment artist. Teemu’s aim is to make people happy. Teemu is born in Espoo, Finland August 22nd 1985.

Listen soundtrack for the book here! https://soundcloud.com/historyofukkeli

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Pages: 120
Size: 200 x 280 mm
Weight: 370 g
Edition of 500
Published 2016 by Khaos Publishing
ISBN 978-952-68478-1-8

Illustrations by Teemu Keisteri
Texts by Teemu Keisteri
Translation by Teemu Keisteri
Original idea by Teemu Keisteri
Graphic design by Teemu Keisteri
Layout by Teemu Keisteri

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Dimensions 20 × 30 cm