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Hai Jump is an independent magazine from Helsinki, Finland. It was founded by skateboarders Pentti Järvelin and Arsi Keva in 2010 and has thereafter gathered a wide range of writers, artists, skateboarders, musicians, photographers and thinkers on it's pages. In these days, at the age of eight issue, Hai Jump is primarily in the hands of the editor in chief / publisher / distributor Pentti Järvelin but has over 20 active members contributing to the magazine.

All of the pages are put together with the simple DIY-spirit of scissors and glue sticks. On the 8th issue of Hai Jump the number of pages has built up to over 200 and the topics vary from gonzo journalism to larger subjects such as sexism in the skateboarding scene.

Language: Finnish
Pages: 226
Size: 210 x 296 x 7 mm
Weight: 862 g
Self published in May 2015

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