GlyphDrawing.Club User Guide v.2.0.0.

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GlyphDrawing.Club User Guide v.2.0.0. is the second issue in a series of books that include instructions and design samples for GlyphDrawing.Club text art editor. The book contains a short essay about the inspirations behind the editor, a simple tutorial, type showcase and 121 pages of text art contributions from 75 artists from 30 different countries: illustrations, typefaces, sketches, patterns and more.

Cover: 4 pages / Munken Print 110g / Risograph 3 colors: fluorescent pink, yellow, blue
Inside: 144 pages  / Munken Print 80g / Risograph 1 color: black
Sewn binding with open spine.
Size 138 x 210 mm
Edition of 100
Design: Heikki Lotvonen
Self published 5/2019

GlyphDrawing.Club, a free online editor for text art and modular design with endless possibilities for making custom modular type design, illustrations, concrete poetry, unicode art and much more. The editor is inspired by the limitations and possibilities of ASCII art, but made with inclusivity, accessibility, openness and experimentation in mind, bringing text art to modern times; the editor is based on an adjustable grid into which users can “draw” with a set of geometric patterns or with any typographic symbol from any font. The editor comes with a variety of great features and text art typefaces so you can just jump in and start experimenting:

Contributors: Luca Reverdit (France), FLOSStrain (Italy), Mariulles  (Mariuland), Timo Luitz (Germany), Oon Shif (Singapore), Davide Panicola (Italy), Dylboggins (USA), Owi Liunic (Indonesia), Kyuri (UK), fazekasistok (Hungary), Caylan Hallows (United Kingdom), luckydarren (UK), Polyducks (England), dg84 (germany), MF (USA), hawaidolphino (Italy), Chris Redbone (The Netherlands), Varkito García (Dominican Republic), davigides (Spain), Noah (UK), Sara Werge (Denmark), Bertram Christoffersen (Denmark), Dum Dum Studio (Mexico), Hannes Brischke (Germany), Vera Sianna (Denmark), yago (Spain), aido wall (Ireland), Laureen (The Netherlands), Lisa (Shikasta), Priscilia4ever (France), Elisa Cindy (Indonesia), emma (Colombia), passch (germany), vtt0lkk (Portugal), bnjmn (Switzerland), Charles Dale (USA), Juniper (USA), Susanne Janssen (The Netherlands), User00000 (Uruguay), fobiataiman (Italy), Bora Baskan (Turkey), Pikahau (India), glias (France), typomaniac (Turkey), Friso Blankevoort (The Netherlands), Bernd de Ridder (The Netherlands), Martina Olsén (Sweden), Pengo (Australia), Emmanuela Ambrosone (Italy), pete phipps (UK), Hammam Hidayat (Indonesia), grafemo (Ukraine), data3000 (France), Michelle Leaño (Bolivia), frncsbrkr (USA), Jackroi (Venezuela), yökiitäjä (Finland), Carlien Dubben (Nederland), Iida Lyhty (Finland), whavvel (The Netherlands), Sondre Topland (Norway), Milan (Germany), Rok (Slovenia), Karl Ericksen (United States), Max Elkins (UK), Carson (USA), AARON (Peru), dear deer (Finland), Bram Chilton Smiley (United Kingdom), Max Juráni (Slovak Republic), Kristian Äijö (Finland), mrkvl (The Netherlands), Gladys Camilo (Finland), Heikki Lotvonen (Finland), Erik Solin (Finland)

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