Glyph Drawing Club User Guide


13.00 User Guide is an instruction manual and a collection of design samples for GlyphDrawing.Club text art editor. The book contains a short introduction to text art and the editor, a simple tutorial, type specimen and 80 pages of text art contributions from 27 artists: poetry, illustrations, typefaces, sketches, patterns and more! is a contemporary text art editor with endless possibilities for making custom modular typography, illustrations, concrete poetry, unicode art and much more. The editor is inspired by the limitations and possibilities of ASCII art, but made with inclusivity, accessibility, openness and experimentation in mind, bringing text art to modern times; with the editor you can use any font and any glyph to create your compositions. The editor comes with a variety of great features and text art typefaces so you can just jump in and start experimenting:

Cover: 4 pages / Munken Print 110g / Risograph 3 colors: fluorescent pink, yellow, blue
Inside: 96 pages  / Munken Print 80g and gray paper 80g / Risograph 1 color: blue
Size 138 x 210 mm
Edition of 60

Design: Heikki Lotvonen & Samuli Saarinen

Contributors: Ailadi (Italy), buroruutt (Finland), DJ Mike (The Netherlands), Eeki (Finland), Gladys Camilo (Finland), Haxonosh (United States), Heikki Lotvonen (Finland), Jordan Tuiolosega (United States), Joseph Abdel Massih (Lebanon), Katri-Kauris / Katri / viennetta_4ever (Finland), LDA (Canada), Leo (Finland), Ludwig Maravilla (Mexico), Palkittu_Arkkitehti_89 / Keskimää / Lintuboy_91 / Spooky Vision (Finland), Papa Yorick (The Netherlands), Pauliina Nykänen (Finland), Randy Lauw (United States), Roosa Pohjalainen (Finland), salmianna (Finland), sass (Canada), Sebastian Ballester (United States), Sherida (The Netherlands), tr0pisms (The Netherlands), Tuomas Kärkkäinen (Finland), Veera (Finland), wakest (Sublunary Earth), yökiitäjä (Finland)

Printhouse: Drukkerij KABOEM, Amsterdam

Self published 6/2018

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