Beyond the Pleasure Principle

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According to Sigmund Freud, the pleasure principle refers to the instinctual seeking of pleasure and avoiding pain in order to satisfy biological and psychological needs. Pleasure principle is oftentimes considered to be the strongest impulse guiding individual’s life. In his later writings, Sigmund Freud refers to the “compulsion to repeat”, and declares that it might well be powerful enough to disregard the pleasure principle.

This publication taps into this tension. The underlying motive isto create a scenario that deals as much with our complex relationship with nature and habitat as it does with transformation and letting go. An emphasis is put on the physical shared environment, but the tone is psychologically charged.

Texts by: Mark Johnstone, Reba Maybury, Aaron Schuster

Artworks by: Tyler Adams, John Divola, Estelle Hanania, Camille Henrot, Nicolai Howalt, Jouko Lehtola, Maija Luutonen, Takeshi Murata, Armi Ratia, Iiu Susiraja, Kohei Yoshiyuki

Edited by Ilari Laamanen, designed by Johanna Lundberg

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Out of stock