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The book Art Workers – Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice presents case studies from the local art contexts of Estonia, Finland and Sweden, collects artist-testimonies, discusses activist practices and maps out contemporary and historical forms of organising within the international art field.

Authors: Airi Triisberg, Erik Krikortz & Minna Henriksson
Language: English
Pages: 232
Size: 170 x 240 x 20 mm
Weight: 581 g
Offset printing, sewn covers with flaps
Published 2015
Edition of 700 copies
ISBN 978–91–637–7946–6

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Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice

What are the material conditions of contemporary art production? Why is exhibition practice based on the unpaid labour of artists? Why do artists pay to make exhibitions instead of getting paid? Why do art workers have no health insurance and social security? How to struggle against precarious labour? What are the historical and contemporary models of art workers’ organising?

The publication Art Workers – Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice presents research on the economic and social situation of art workers in the contexts of Estonia, Finland and Sweden. By analysing issues such as unwaged labour, gallery rent and social security, the publication addresses a composition of problems that are frequently framed as constitutive aspects of precarity in contemporary art economy. In many contexts, precisely these problems have served as entry points into public debates and collective practices of self-organisation. The contextualisation of labour struggles and resistive practices forms the second emphasis of the book, mapping out contemporary and historical forms of labour organising in the realm of art and social movements.

The publication is edited and co-written by Minna Henriksson, Erik Krikortz and Airi Triisberg, and includes further contributions by Corina L. Apostol, Michael Baers, Fokus Grupa, Minna Heikinaho, Vladan Jeremić, Elina Juopperi, Jussi Kivi, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Jussi Koitela, Raakel Kuukka, Marge Monko, Zoran Popović, Precarious Workers Brigade, Taaniel Raudsepp & Sigrid Viir, Krisdy Shindler, Tereza Stejskalová and Lotta Tenhunen.

Free download of the book available at

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